How to get rid of system tools
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Database of system tools

May 18, 2020

TuneUp Pro

TuneUp Pro – a potentially unwanted program that is allegedly designed to fix Windows PCs. Read the post
January 28, 2020


Maftask is a Mac Auto Fixer helper process that might hinder uninstallation of the potentially unwanted app. Read the post
June 18, 2019

Driver Tonic PUP

Driver Tonic is considered to be a false system optimizer that does not improve any type of functionality. Read the post
October 22, 2018

Reimage virus

Reimage Repair. Can I trust this program? Some people have doubts about the reliability of Reimage, but we would like to dispel such negative thoughts.Read the post
August 16, 2018

Vulkaninfo 32 virus

What is Vulkaninfo 32 and what can it do to the computer? Vulkaninfo 32 is a suspicious application that gets inside computers with Nvidia graphic driver’s updates.Read the post
August 02, 2018

Mac Tonic PUP

Mac Tonic — an unwanted program that is promoted as a legitimate computer repair app . Read the post
February 23, 2018

Knctr virus

Knctr: use it or remove it? Knctr is freeware developed by Itibiti Ventures Inc.Read the post
December 08, 2017

Reimage Express

Why do they call it Reimage Express virus? For the past year, we have received many questions related to so-called Reimage Express virus.Read the post
December 08, 2017 ads

The problem with ads. We received many computer users’ questions related to ads.Read the post
November 03, 2017

DriverAgent Plus

DriverAgent Plus review. DriverAgent Plus is a trustworthy and legitimate software that is often presented as an irreplaceable system optimization tool which helps to keep the system up-to-date. The program designed for Windows operating systems works by scanning the device, looking for outdated, compromised or damag... Read the post
September 29, 2017

Driver Navigator

Should I use Driver Navigator? Driver Navigator is a legitimate program that can solve driver problems by finding missing, repairing corrupted drivers and keeping computer optimized.Read the post
September 29, 2017


Should I set DuckDuckGo as my default search engine? DuckDuckGo virus is neither a real virus nor a useful search engine.Read the post
September 25, 2017

YAC virus

YAC should not be used for your computer’s protection. YAC is a questionable security software and PC optimization tool.Read the post
August 16, 2017


The problem with AdChoices ads. Many computer users complain about bothering Ad Choices ads which flood their browsers with an excessive amount of unwanted commercial content.Read the post
July 19, 2017


PCKeeper: avoid it or use it? PCKeeper is a program created by Kromtech.Read the post
April 07, 2017

SnapMyScreen virus

Things to consider before installing SnapMyScreen Toolbar. SnapMyScreen Toolbar is a questionable application that received negative feedback by the users.Read the post
March 31, 2017


How reliable is SlimCleaner? SlimCleaner is a legal and legitimate program which, unfortunately, has a questionable reputation among the home user and expert communities alike.Read the post
August 30, 2016

MPC AdCleaner

Why should you not use MPC AdCleaner? MPC AdCleaner is another potentially unwanted program from MPC virus group.Read the post
August 26, 2016

MPC virus

The main features of MPC virus. Under the MPC virus name, there are three potentially unwanted programs that are related to each other: MPC Cleaner, MPC AdCleaner, and the post

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