What is SECOH-QAD.exe? Should you get rid of it?

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SECOH-QAD.exe – malicious executable that can hide in system's background

SECOH-QAD.exe is an executable file which is not related to Windows. You might find it running in your Task Manager and have no idea where it came from. The truth is, this file belongs to KMSpico which is used to activate Windows OS or Microsoft Office without obtaining the licensed version. This tool is illegal and can infect the system with malware as it asks you to disable security software during its installation process.

Typically, SECOH-QAD.exe causes these symptoms:

  • Unexpected crashes or freezes;
  • System restart or slow-downs;
  • Occasional ads or popups which were not seen before;
  • Failure in some applications and their behavior.

However, in most cases, machines emit no signs of infection and users have no idea that their system is affected by the SECOH-QAD.exe virus. To prevent such cases, always keep your computer protected with reliable security software, such as Reimage.

Despite the lack of symptoms, the malicious program can initiate cryptocurrency mining or the appearance of additional malware. Besides, your personal information can be shared with unknown parties.

As mentioned above, the KMSpico virus helps users activate a full license of Windows OS or MS Office. There is no doubt that such activity is illegal and should never be practiced. Not only it can bring you in trouble with governmental authorities, but can also infect your PC with dangerous malware. Instead, you should remove SECOH-QAD.exe from your computer and opt for legitimate programs.

Ways to protect yourself from dangerous virus attacks

As previously stated, SECOH-QAD.exe is closely associated with KMSpico which helps users install a licensed version of Windows without paying any fees. This is a criminal act and should be avoided by all means! Therefore, the first step to bypass damage caused to your PC is to avoid installing suspicious programs for illegal purposes.

However, the virus could also get into your machine in other ways. Thus, to avoid vicious virus attacks, please follow these simple rules:

  • Do not visit any suspicious websites, regardless of how tempting they might be (pornographic, gambling, online dating, free online games, etc.);
  • Always download software and its updates from genuine sources;
  • Avoid P2P clients and websites;
  • Be cautious when opening emails from unknown sources;
  • Invest in reputable security software which can protect you from high-risk infections;
  • Do not forget to backup your files consistently.

Eliminate SECOH-QAD.exe virus completely

The manual removal might not bring any results, and you might be stuck with a virus still. Therefore, we recommend automatic SECOH-QAD.exe removal which will help you get rid of all virus-related components. However, the first step is to uninstall KMSpico Windows activator from your computer. Additionally, you should check if any other suspicious background processes are running in the task manager and end them as well.

To remove SECOH-QAD.exe virus automatically, you should employ a reputable anti-malware software, such as Reimage, Plumbytes Anti-MalwareWebroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus or Malwarebytes Anti Malware. After choosing one of these programs, update them to their latest versions and scan the system. You should delete detected malware and other components that are not recommended keeping on the system.

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