What is utcsvc.exe? Should you get rid of it?

Things to know about utcsvc.exe process

Utcsvc.exe is the process detectable on Windows OS. In some cases, it is defined as a constituting process of svchost.exe. Some IT researchers classify it as the process of TouchUtility.

However, not all utcsvc.exe occurrences are harmless ones. It has been exploited by malware developers. According to VirusTotal, free malicious URL online analysis service, one-third of major security applications identify the malicious origin of utcsvc.exe file. Hybrid Analysis detects even more malevolent equivalents of Utcsvc.exe. Emsisoft identifies more than 100 malware instances related to the utcsvc.exe process.

On the other hand, these findings still did not give the insight about the initial purpose of utcsvc.exe. Since there are quite a handful of malevolent cases of this file, it is suspected to:

  • launch ransomware assaults
  • execute crypto-coin mining process
  • place registry files
  • download spyware
  • collect and leak personal information (email account logins, bank account credentials. etc.)
  • launch backdoor

If you detect this file in the Task Manager, you may naturally get puzzled determining whether the file is malicious or not. The key tip assisting in this situation is CPU usage. If the file drains more than 30% of CPU, it might suggest its malevolent origin. Constant system crashes and error notifications might be also attributed to this executable file. As a result, you may want to terminate and remove utcsvc.exe as soon as possible

On the other hand, malware developers find craftier ways to foist malware disguises as Windows processes. Therefore, the fault for system failure might lie in another svchost.exe constituent process. In order to make sure that the file is indeed malevolent, you will need the assistance of an anti-virus utility.

You may scan the file with it and malware elimination tool as well. For that process, you may find FortectIntego or Malwarebytes useful. Either of them might prove to be useful in terminating utcsvc.exe.

Transmission peculiarities

If the file serves as a veneer for malware, it will be distributed via various channels. Most likely, you may download it as an executable of one or another application. The latter might be available in torrent-sharing sites and other poorly protected domains. Usually, the executable file is the acronym of a program. If utcsvc.exe does not match or resemble the name of a program in any way, inspect it before executing on the system. Malicious versions of Utcsvc.exe might travel as:

  • email attachments
  • executables of pirated software
  • counterfeited anti-virus updates

If you recognize some of the discussed outcomes and suspect that you have downloaded the malicious version of utcsvc.exe file, you will need to end its process as soon as possible. Click on CTRL+SHIFT+ESC and launch Task Manager. Afterward, locate utcsvc.exe file, right-click on it and choose End Task.

Utcsvc.exe removal steps

If the process relaunches itself and your operating system keeps malfunctioning, you will need the assistance of malware elimination tool. It will also come in handy detecting the associated registry entries. Update the program and scan the device. If necessary, reboot the system and repeat the scanning procedure. These actions should terminate and remove utcsvc.exe permanently.

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Alternative Security Tools
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