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Steps for removing ChromeSearch.club virus

ChromeSearch.club - a deceptive search engine that claims to be from Google. Read the post
Browser hijacker Viruses   January 11, 2018  

Steps for removing ByteFence hijack

General facts about Search.ByteFence.com search engine. ByteFence software is a legitimate software and calling it as ByteFence virus would be a mistake. Read the post
Browser hijacker Viruses   December 08, 2017  

ChromeSearch removal guide

ChromeSearch malware is on the rise. ChromeSearch is a browser hijacker which has been noticed in various world's countries, including Russia, Portugal, Spain and UK. Read the post
Browser hijacker Viruses   December 06, 2017  

Yahoo Toolbar and New Tab removal

The problem with Yahoo Toolbar and New Tab. Yahoo Toolbar and New Tab is yet another product from Yahoo company which has been actively mistaken for a virus. Read the post
Browser hijacker Viruses   December 01, 2017  

Is utcsvc.exe a harmless file?

Things to know about utcsvc.exe process. Utcsvc.exe is the process detectable on Windows OS. Read the post
Files System files   November 01, 2017  

Steps for removing Losers virus

Losers virus might be a new member of Cry36 ransomware family. Read the post
Ransomware Viruses   October 31, 2017  

Uninstall Facebook virus

How destructive can Facebook become? Facebook has become one of the most popular social networks. Read the post
Malware Viruses   October 25, 2017  

Delete Moatads redirect

Everything you need to know about Moatads virus. Moatads virus is quite similar to other browser hijackers. Read the post
Browser hijacker Viruses   October 12, 2017  

Terminate Opera redirect virus

Opera redirect virus gains new forms. Opera redirect virus is the name of browser malware which tends to misguide users to sponsored but often potentially fraudulent domains. Read the post
Browser hijacker Viruses   October 10, 2017  

Amazon 1Button App removal tutorial

The main characteristics of Amazon 1Button App virus. Amazon 1Button App virus is responsible for flooding popular web browsers with various advertisements and distracting users with redirects to questionable websites. Read the post
Adware Viruses   October 02, 2017  

Remove Driver Navigator

Should I use Driver Navigator? Driver Navigator is a legitimate program that can solve driver problems by finding missing, repairing corrupted drivers and keeping computer optimized. Read the post
System tools Viruses   September 29, 2017  

Terminate Amazon virus

Amazon virus operates in different shapes. Amazon virus functions as malware which may come in different forms of a browser hijacker, malware or a trojan. Read the post
Trojans Viruses   September 14, 2017  
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