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Terminate WinZip Driver Updater

WinZip Driver Updater - a questionable system product that claims to maximize machine performance. Read the post
System tools Viruses   May 18, 2020  

TuneUp Pro removal guide

TuneUp Pro - a potentially unwanted program that is allegedly designed to fix Windows PCs. Read the post
System tools Viruses   May 18, 2020  

Obliterate Android virus

Android virus continues spreading in 2020. What should you know about it? Read the post
Malware Viruses   March 17, 2020  

Obliterate Apple malware

Apple malware – a type of threats targeting Apple device with scam messages and fraud campaigns. Read the post
Mac Viruses Malware Viruses   January 14, 2020  

How to uninstall .vvv File Extension virus

The essential information about .vvv File Extension virus. Read the post
Ransomware Viruses   September 12, 2019  

CryptoLocker removal guide

The terrifying CryptoLocker virus. Recently the virtual community has been enduring major terror attacks by various ransomware, including the CryptoLocker virus. Read the post
Ransomware Viruses   July 25, 2019  

Facebook reaches $5 billion settlement with FTC

Facebook agreed to pay the biggest fine in the FTC's history that is nothing compared with profits of social media itself. Read the post
News   July 22, 2019  

Uninstall Facebook virus

Facebook virus is a combination of scams and malware that can infect users via the private messages or other methods. Read the post
Malware Viruses   May 30, 2019  

Remove Zeus Trojan

Zeus virus a notorious banking trojan which name is still used in elaborate tech support scam schemes. Read the post
Viruses   March 08, 2019  

Steps for removing Ryuk ransomware

Ryuk ransomware - a file locking threat which has similarities with Hermes virus. Read the post
Ransomware Viruses   January 24, 2019  

Describe explorer.exe file. Is it necessary?

explorer.exe is a Windows process file that should be stopped if causing issues . Read the post
Files System files   September 10, 2018  

Terminate National Consumer Center ads

National Consumer Center is a survey scam dealer which tries to trick users into providing personal information. Read the post
Adware Viruses   August 29, 2018