How to remove trojans
Stay safe online - 20th January 2021

Database of Trojan horses

October 01, 2020

Csrss.exe virus

Csrss.exe virus is a computer infection that tries to steal your personal data and mine cryptocurrency. Read the post
July 13, 2018

Js Miner

Js miner is a digital currency mining tool that ca be utilized by hackers to illegally earn money. Read the post
August 04, 2017

Bitcoin virus

Two versions of Bitcoin virus. As the name suggests, Bitcoin virus has something in common with virtual currency Bitcoins.Read the post
July 27, 2017

COM surrogate virus

How dangerous is COM Surrogate virus? COM Surrogate virus might be the reason why your computer is slower than it used to be.Read the post
September 16, 2016


Why is JS.Nemucod virus dangerous? JS.Nemucod virus is one of the most dangerous types of the viruses.Read the post
April 06, 2016


Information about Trojan.Cryptolocker virus. Trojan.Cryptolocker is Trojan; it means it is a disastrious computer threat, which tends to deceive computer users and convince them into installing it as it is usually presented as a safe looking file.Read the post

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