How to get rid of viruses
Stay safe online - 18th March 2019

Virus database

February 12, 2019

WebDiscover Browser

Is WebDiscover worth using? WebDiscover virus is presented as an alternative browser that enhances user’s browsing experience because it allows accessing the Internet straight from the desktop.Read the post
January 31, 2019

Gandcrab 5.1 ransomware

Gandcrab 5.1 ransomware – a dangerous cyber threat that prevents users from accessing their files until a ransom is paid. Read the post
January 30, 2019

Nozelesn virus

Nozelesn virus is a cryptovirus that targets various users all over the world and makes their files useless by encrypting them. Read the post
January 10, 2019

Win Erx03 virus

Win Erx03 virus is a misleading error that focuses on tricking users into installing questionable programs . Read the post
December 28, 2018 is a program that frustrates users with intrusive behaviour and questionable content . Read the post
December 27, 2018


123vidz – a video streaming website which gathers sensitive information. Read the post
October 22, 2018

Reimage virus

Reimage Repair. Can I trust this program? Some people have doubts about the reliability of Reimage, but we would like to dispel such negative thoughts.Read the post
October 19, 2018

KMSPico virus

Can KMSPico virus damage my computer? Computer users who are interested in using illegal programs probably have heard about KMSPico virus.Read the post
October 02, 2018

My Safe Savings

My Safe Savings virus is a potentially unwanted program that frustrates users with constant redirects. Read the post
October 01, 2018


PremierOpinion is a PUP that offers various gifts and rewards for participating in its researches. Read the post
September 24, 2018

Trovi — a silent intruder that is known as a PUP capable of changing browsers' settings and redirecting victims to Bing. Read the post
September 10, 2018

Cloudfront ads

Cloudfront is a potentially unwanted application designed to throw ads up on your screen. Read the post
September 04, 2018


SearchAwesome is an unwanted program aimed to promote the installation of additional applications or tools. Read the post
August 16, 2018

Vulkaninfo 32 virus

What is Vulkaninfo 32 and what can it do to the computer? Vulkaninfo 32 is a suspicious application that gets inside computers with Nvidia graphic driver’s updates.Read the post
August 16, 2018

RevContent ads

Reasons not to worry about RevContent ads. RevContent ads confuse a lot of computer users because they appear on many Internet websites and people start wondering whether their computers are infected with ad-supported programs.Read the post
August 16, 2018 virus virus – a PUP which modifies the default search engine on Macs to perform its dubious activity. Read the post
August 10, 2018

Everything you have to know about Under the name virus hides an annoying adware program that delivers an excessive amount of ads and forces users to fill various online surveys.Read the post
August 09, 2018 redirect

Why do I suffer from redirects to . If you are not a fan of Yahoo search and always use a different search engine, redirects to is a sign that your computer was infected with a browser hijacker.Read the post
August 07, 2018

DNS Unlocker virus

Everything you must know about DNS Unlocker virus: Nowadays, the Internet can offer its users not only a variety of useful free applications but also a range of potential threats to your computer, like, for example, the DNS Unlocker virus.Read the post
August 02, 2018

Mac Tonic PUP

Mac Tonic — an unwanted program that is promoted as a legitimate computer repair app . Read the post
July 26, 2018

ByteFence hijack

General facts about search engine. ByteFence software is a legitimate software and calling it as ByteFence virus would be a mistake.Read the post

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