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Novirus.uk is a website, which aims to provide comprehensive information about various computer infections – viruses, trojans, browser hijackers, adware and other hazardous programs. This project presents the latest computer-security related information to help people protect their computers from spyware and malware or clean up a computer that has already been compromised. We prepare informative articles that consist of a virus description and its removal guide. Novirus.uk also writes reviews of anti-spyware and anti-malware programs.

Novirus.uk project was launched in 2004. Since the first day, computer security experts working behind this project help computer users remove ANY computer threat.

Novirus.uk posts relevant information about the latest malware and explains how to prevent computer virus infections. You can find all useful information related to computer security in the following categories:

NEWS – computer security news

The world we live in changes every day. Technologies evolve, and same can be said about information technologies. Unfortunately, cyber criminals tend to take advantage of inexperienced computer users, and that is why they create new viruses every day. We post all relevant information about such threats in the NEWS section. Besides, we present information about new versions of anti-malware programs and provide similar up-to-date information. In this section, we talk about the most relevant spyware-related problems, infamous parasites, security software updates and other similar events. We also inform our readers about newly formed deceptive spam campaigns, ads, and phishing cases.

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VIRUSES – find descriptions of computer viruses and learn how to remove them

This part of Novirus.uk website is the largest one. In this section, we post articles about all kinds of computer parasites and threats. The experts who work behind Novirus.uk write new articles every day, so it is not surprising that the threat database increases rapidly. Every article presents a detailed description of virus behavior, explains how it spreads and provides its removal guide. Users can choose how they want to remove the threat – we present both manual and automatic removal options. When we test viruses, we use the same programs that we recommend for our readers.

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PROGRAMS – compare malware removal tools

There is a wide range of anti-spyware solutions nowadays. Needless to say, they are all different, so it can be hard to choose the one that would suit your needs. Besides, they provide different functionalities, for example, some computer security programs can remove viruses, but they cannot detect and eliminate spyware, and vice versa. To help users to choose from the variety of security solutions, we have created PROGRAMS section. Here, we post anti-spyware, anti-malware, and anti-virus software reviews to help people choose the best security software. We test the effectiveness of these programs and present the results for our readers.

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FILES – get to know dangerous files

This section is closely related to VIRUSES section because computer viruses drop various files on a compromised computer. In this section, you can find out which files are reliable and which ones can pose a threat to your PC. File descriptions are divided by the file extension.

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ASK US – contact with Novirus.uk support team and get help

Our objective is to spread the word about computer infections and help people protect their computers from viruses, ransomware, trojans, adware, browser hijackers, and other kinds of computer threats. We provide manual removal instructions for the majority of computer threats, but it goes without saying that it is safer to run an automatic program to complete this task. Besides, some viruses are complicated and can hide their files all over the computer system, so inexperienced computer users might fail to locate and remove them. No matter what, we support and encourage computer users who seek to learn how to remove computer threats manually, and that is why we have created ASK US section. Send us your questions, get help from other users, share your problems – we’ll be happy to help you.

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If you have any questions about Novirus.uk project, please contact us. You can find our contact information in the Contact Us page. You can legal notices of our website in these sections: Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Disclaimer, Disclosure.