A manual of virus-fighting programs

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One of the main purposes of all virus defence programs is to protect computers from malware infections. This includes keeping the system stable as well as making sure the user’s personal data is safe. For this purpose, security program creators equip their products with various complex defence mechanisms. According to these mechanisms, we can distinguish two categories of virus-fighting utilities: antivirus and anti-malware. To ensure a thorough computer protection, experts recommend combining both of these utilities. Do not worry; they are easily compatible, so you should not worry about encountering any undesirable system malfunctions while running them on your device simultaneously. Besides, if you decide to stick to a single program, you do not have to limit yourself to antivirus software alone. There are also anti-malware programs that are sophisticated enough to be used instead of antiviruses. These powerful programs will assist you in fighting a variety of cyber infections, including spyware, adware, browser hijackers and much more.

Due to the rising demand in virus defence software, various companies are jumping into this ever-expanding market. Thus, it is not surprising that while some tools may feature exceptional capabilities, others may be completely identical to hundreds of other programs that have been produced before. In other words, if a program is promoted as an antivirus, it does not mean that it is necessarily as functional as you would like it to be. In fact, some less powerful tools may even fail to detect certain threats, so we recommend choosing products produced by the companies which are already acknowledged and trusted.

Novirus team has prepared this section to help you decide which antivirus or anti-malware programs are worth obtaining. Here, we introduce antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spyware programs, along with their detailed descriptions and side-by-side comparisons to other virus-defence utilities. All the information on our site is prepared by Novirus professionals, so you can rest assured that all of the reviewed programs have been tested and proven trustworthy. Of course, we keep the users up-to-date with the unreliable and even dangerous antivirus software that are currently distributed online and which we do not recommend obtaining. Such programs are designed for the profit-making purposes and are unlikely to provide any reliable service. Instead, they only deteriorate computer’s performance and cause system malfunctions. You should stay away from such programs and focus on the legitimate tools we suggest in this category.

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