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Private Internet Access – the application that can support many devices and provide VPN protection

Private Internet Access or PIA is the tool that ensures that your web traffic is not monitored by the government or any spies, third-party companies, suspicious people. This is the product of the US-based company. The PIA is providing the service since 2010, so there are many features that proved to be useful and valuable. 

Since this is the tool that provides the service needed for many people, the application tries to ensure privacy protection, avoid spying and surveillance. Remote server connections, encrypted IP addresses, and other methods allow Private Internet Access to achieve these goals and keep users connections, information, privacy safe.

Even though the program and the company itself is based in the US, Private Internet Access is one of the most popular across other countries and continents like Europe, Russia, China. This tool provides a connection on 3303 different servers hold in 48 countries, ensuring the best experience for the user.

The advanced tunnelling, encryption, layered security scheme, zero-logs policy, and fast performance makes the Private Internet Access VPN software a tool that people are talking positively about. Besides all those features, Private Internet Access is accessible because if the compatibility. The VPN tool has versions for all the types of OSs. Windows devices, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android users all can use the service and customize the program to their needs.

One of the more needed features is masking the IP address and location from particular sources like government, internet provider, or the ones who provide the service and block specific locations from getting to the streaming service or online platform. However, VPN software has more features that help with your anonymity and privacy. 

Your IP address gets protected when you use VPN software, but also, DNS leak protection is ensured. Private Internet Access allows simultaneous connections, advanced network settings encrypts data, and ensures that your information is not tracked. VPN can also offer the feature that blocks advertising material. This function recognizes third-party ads and blocks them automatically for you, so you can save the space on the machine and money since you do not need to pay for the additional ad-blocking application.

Name Private Internet Access
Type VPN tool

DNS leak block; VPN kill switch; IPv6 leak blocking; TCP Port 443 support, p2p support; unlimited bandwidth; 10 devices connected simultaneously; multiple VPN gateways

Offered plans The tool can be purchased for a month, a year, or two years. In some areas, the tool is offered for monthly plans. Depending on the plan the price can differ, but you can always save by choosing the bigger plan for less
Privacy protocol Program is not tracking users' information, relies on no-log policy, hides the IP address to keep the customer anonymous online
Additional functions Additionally to typical VPN features, Private Internet Access offers ad blocker, SOCKS, and split tunnelling features 

Private Internet Access is the VPN service that offers many features for its clients, and millions of people have already tried and tested the program. The application is affordable and can be personalized easily since the customer is the one that chooses all the preferences. You can somewhat customize the tool and get all the needed features from it.

Online privacy and anonymity with Private Internet Access VPN

Like any other VPN tool, Private Internet Access is focusing on giving customers what they need and want. Since privacy is one of the most important concerns that users have, creators, include particular features. This application is not keeping any logs of your information.

The particular security and privacy policy mean that information transmitted via the network is never kept anywhere else, there are no records about it. This security policy should ensure that your personal details cannot be leaked or breached, you can safely surf online, download any content you want and search the internet. 

Private Internet Access settings

Encryption techniques to ensure the security 

PIA relies on the safe internet and giving users all the needed features and functions. A reliable encryption model is needed to hide the IP address and internet traffic. This tool uses a few protocols to ensure the best service.

OpenVPN, WireGuard, IKEv2, and L2TP/IPSec protocols in particular, and other features create the opportunity for the users, so people can choose UDP or TCP connections. Even though by default, Private Internet Access uses the Open VPN and AES-128 encryption, users can customize this model as they wish. Customers can use AES-256 chiper instead.

The encryption method used for data authentication by default is encrypted using RSA-2048 and SHA-256 methods. This encryption can be turned off, users can change the level of encryption, or set the particular algorithm. This customization is useful because the less powerful encryption selection can affect the speed of the internet connection and the VPN service.

Another security and protection feature that Private Internet Access already has is the in-built protection against IPv4 and IPv6 leaks, DNS breaches, or VPN kill switch. These functions aim to provide users with the advanced security options, ensure anonymity, and give them the opportunity to control many processes, so the VPN has malware and tracking protections, split-tunnelling, port forwarding functions.

Private Internet Access compatibility

These settings can be enabled or disabled manually when the person uses the Private Internet Access. If you use the extension for the Google Chrome browser, you can select these features, choose to block location access, cookies, website references, and all. 

Private Internet Access can be used on pretty much every OS

There are many VPN services, but mainly those tools are compatible with a few operating systems or designed for the particular device specifically. However, Private Internet Access is the program that can run all of them, including Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, Windows.

The mobile version and a desktop version are bot supported. Also, the browser extension of the PIA is available for Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome browsers. Streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick can also support the version of the PIA VPN app. 

VPN functions and features

The installation regardless of the particular operating system is not that difficult.  When you choose the plat that suits your needs and preferences, you pay the needed amount and can run the downloaded installer file. The interface can look difficult, but settings can be customized and not require a tech-savvy person or technical knowledge. You can choose the light or dark mode, choose from the list of languages, pick the particular default or more complex mode and start using the tool with all the needed functions that also can be chosen.

Functions that VPN is needed for

The performance speed of the device, restrictions based on the location or particular topic of the online content – things that mainly frustrate people. VPNs sometimes may diminish the speed of the internet connection, affect the download speed. It is normal when you use any additional programs or software on the machine. 

The speed issue is forgotten with Private Internet Access

However, this shouldn't be the issue that concerns you. Professional VPN services shouldn't slow the device that much or affect the internet speed. Private Internet Access is one of the tools that do not affect performance negatively. You can weaken the encryption methods and apply other custom settings, so the speed is increased instead.

The most common reason for getting the VPN software – restrictions based on geo-location. Many people that are living in Europe want to access the content that is only allowed for US citizens only. To bypass these restrictions, you need to use the feature that also provides protection to your privacy. You may need to access the particular content on Netflix or BBC, Hulu. But the protection and security should be the priority no matter what.

There are many platforms and services that have censoring policies and, countries, especially ten to restrict particular content. VPN service helps to avoid this blocking, so you can use the streaming platform as you wish and access the online material that normally is not allowed in your region.

Private Internet Access helping to access geo-restricted content

Pricing and particular plans that Private Internet Access VPN offer

Purchasing the toll is always the better option than using the free version of the needed application. VPN software is not excluded, but you need to know if you really need the service before you commit to the yearly plan. There are no free-trial for Private Internet Access, but you can choose the plan that is shorter or costs less and use the 30-day money-back option.

There are three basic plans that offer the subscription for one month that cost around £9 per month. Other plans offer discounts, so by choosing the PIA for a year you only pay £2 per month. The provider may offer other discounts, base these offers and deals particularly for the location and country, so you may see different pricing or plans depending on the time you look into it.

Pricing of Private Internet Access VPN

It is very crucial to note the need for a paid version of such software and subscription that you pay money for. Developers provide more useful and crucial features to those customers who choose to commit to the software and its features. The money-back-guarantee allows you to try the licensed version and see if you are satisfied or not with the service.

The program can be used on 10 devices at the same time, so you can protect many machines and devices of your significant others. If you create the protected VPN account, you can receive 24/7 support in the English language. 

Conclusion on the Private Internet Access value

Private Internet Access is the program that can be supported on 10 devices simultaneously, so you can protect many machines and ensure that network is safe to browse on. There are some highlights regarding communication and privacy policies, but this is the general VPN software valuable and useful for many internet users all over the world.

The tool ensures anonymity, privacy protection, os not storing any activity logs and is not recording information about users and customers. Spying is not possible when you use PIA on your devices, so third-parties, spies, government, or other people cannot access the information about you.

Relying on the paid subscription to Private Internet Access VPN service, you choose the great tool and feature-packed program that allows protecting the privacy of your connections and secure many devices at the same time. You should at least try the tool and see if this is what you need, can benefit from. There is an opportunity to get your money back after 30 days.

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Private Internet Access Happiness
Private Internet Access Happiness
Compatible with Microsoft Windows Compatible with OS X
What to do if failed?
If you failed to fix virus damage using Private Internet Access, submit a question to our support team and provide as much details as possible.
Private Internet Access has a free limited scanner. Private Internet Access offers more through scan when you purchase its full version. When free scanner detects issues, you can fix them using free manual repairs or you can decide to purchase the full version in order to fix them automatically.
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