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SearchLock removal tutorial

SearchLock virus and its features Computer users can encounter SearchLock virus under two conditions. Read the post
Browser hijacker Viruses   July 24, 2017  

Deleting YeaDesktop verification code adware YeaDesktop verification code virus causes problems not only for Chinese computer users YeaDesktop verification code is a new version of YeaDesktop adware that is targeted at Chinese computer users. Read the post
Adware Viruses   July 21, 2017  

How to reset Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox browser definitely falls into the list of the most popular web browsers. Read the post
Uncategorised   June 19, 2017  

Uninstall Zeus malware

Zeus virus is a dangerous Trojan that aims at banking information Zeus virus is a dangerous Trojan horse. Read the post
Trojans Viruses   April 19, 2017  

Terminate FBI virus

What is FBI virus and how does it spread? For several years FBI virus has been spreading around the Internet and fooling users that Federal Bureau of Investigation has locked their computers. Read the post
Ransomware Viruses   March 29, 2017  

Google Chrome recovery instructions

Computer users may find themselves in need of Google Chrome reset after this web browser undergoes accidental or unauthorised alterations made by the users themselves or triggered by malware. Read the post
Uncategorised   March 28, 2017  

Deleting Qtipr.com redirect virus

Beware of Qtipr.com hijacker, which seeks to invade your PC Qtipr.com virus is one of the most active browser hijackers at the moment. Read the post
Browser hijacker Viruses   March 13, 2017  

Launchpage.org redirect removal guide

How dangerous is Launchpage.org redirect? Launchpage.org virus is one of browser hijackers that redirects its victims to sponsored websites. Read the post
Browser hijacker Viruses   March 09, 2017  

Description of Chromium malware

Most important information about Chromium virus Chromium virus is a term that defines a sneaky spyware or malware program that replaces real Chrome browser with a modified copy of it. Read the post
Browser hijacker Viruses   March 01, 2017  

Satan ransomware removal

What is Satan ransomware kit and should I be afraid of it? Satan virus is a malicious program that is advertised as an extortion tool on hacker forums. Read the post
Ransomware Viruses   February 01, 2017  

Protect your PC with best anti-malware programs of 2017

If you have never taken care of your computer’s security, 2017 is the best year for that. Read the post
General News   January 13, 2017  

Yeabd66.cc hijack removal

Characteristics of the Yeabd66.cc virus Yeabd66.cc virus is a relative of Yeabests.cc virus. Read the post
Browser hijacker Viruses   December 15, 2016  
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