Stay safe online - 25th June 2024

The safest web browser of 2024

The safest web browser can protect you just like antivirus software. Read the post
News Web browsers and vulnerabilities   March 12, 2024  

Advantages of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations for free speech and social networking

DAOs offer us the potential to enjoy unrestricted speech and the limitless possibilities of a social network. Read the post
News   February 28, 2023  

How cryptocurrency impacts cyber threats

Cybercriminals use a variety of methods to obtain cryptocurrencies. Read the post
News Security   February 23, 2023  

No-code platforms and tools: safety concerns, the future of programming

No-code changes the future and world with the power of bringing the AI to masses. Read the post
General News   March 16, 2022  

Busy year for cybercriminals: attacks increased by 50% in 2021

Cybercriminals were able to carry out even more attacks than before. Read the post
News Security   January 24, 2022  

The best anti-malware for 2021

Take care of your online security and privacy in 2021 with robust anti-malware software. Read the post
News Security   March 01, 2021  

The best anti-ransomware 2021

Find the best ransomware removal tool since crypto-malware remains one of the most dangerous cyber threats in 2021. Read the post
Anti-spyware software News   February 26, 2021  

The best tools for eliminating malware 2021

The list of anti-malware programs that can solve your malware issues the best in the year 2021. Read the post
News Security   February 25, 2021  

Data backup and recovery is essential to every user

Creating a data backup is the most important step if you want to avoid a disaster. Read the post
Articles News   October 14, 2020  

Watch out for the counterfeit Nypd file virus decryptor

Experts warn the online community about a novel Zobar ransomware that is promoted as a free STOP/Djvu ransomware decryption software. Read the post
News Viruses and parasites   June 12, 2020  

COVID-19 pandemic challenges: secure online safety and privacy

Coronavirus pandemic makes people stay home and use the internet for work and entertainment - #StayHome with Private Internet Access VPN. Read the post
News Security   April 01, 2020  

Fake Corona antivirus software website delivers BlackNET RAT malware

Malware authors rely on the pandemic Coronavirus outbreak and distribute botnet virus with the help of fake antivirus tool site. Read the post
News Viruses and parasites   March 27, 2020  

DoppelPaymer operators launched a site for data of non-paying victims

DoppelPaymer ransomware victims who decide not to pay get exposed on the site created by virus developers. Read the post
News Viruses and parasites   February 28, 2020  

Facebook reaches $5 billion settlement with FTC

Facebook agreed to pay the biggest fine in the FTC's history that is nothing compared with profits of social media itself. Read the post
News   July 22, 2019  

The best free anti-malware for 2019

2019 will be dangerous year in cybercrime world - get ready to protect yourself. Read the post
News Security   April 03, 2019