The best tools for eliminating malware 2021

The list of anti-malware programs that can solve your malware issues the best in the year 2021

The list security softwareSecurity tools that can protect your device from malware in 2021.

Malware developers get smarter and create even more dangerous programs each year. Cyber threats get updates and evolve with persistent techniques, distribution methods, and multi-purpose features. Malware nowadays becomes more dangerous because of the ability to disable security programs or even hide the initial purposes. Most of the computer viruses that are known in 2021 have more than one feature and affect the whole system.

More recent cybersecurity researcher's reports show that past few year were big for cyber threat developers but not for organisations and victims. Various companies and services had to encounter cyber attacks from malware families like Sodinokibi or Djvu ransomware which became one of the most prominent cyber threats of the year. These malicious attacks ended in devastated people, and rich cybercriminals since the primary type of malware targeting huge industries are ransom-demanding.

Unfortunately, keeping from dangerous sites and content is not enough to avoid getting cyber infections entirely. It is possible to keep your device clear from PUPs, or similar intrudes, but more serious malware is not easily avoidable. For that reason, experts all over the world suggest getting anti-malware software to protect the computer from malicious software.

Your files, personal information and other stored data can be protected with specially designed software. Many free tools can do this job, but full versions have all the needed features and can achieve wanted results effortlessly. General system protection is necessary. However, the free version of the program may let some viruses slip when the system is not fully protected.

Since the supply is quite big, choosing the program that is perfect for your needs is not an easy task. You can find all different malware removal and security tools that offer a range of features. We came up with the list of program that can suit your needs the best. Five programs can remove malware in 2021 and protects your machine form cyber infections, adware, trojans or even cryptominers and different intrusive programs.

Malwarebytes protects computers and mobile devices from infections and removes malware

Malwarebytes softwareThe program that offers real-time protection.

Malwarebytes 3.0+ is a tool that offers real-time protection and solutions for malware removal. This program is one of the best malware removal tools that can work on Windows and Mac operating systems or even mobile devices with Android and iOS.

There is a difference between the traditional antivirus software and Malwarebytes program because this tool uses technology that allows blocking malware before malicious behaviour starts. Official Malwarebytes website states that more than 15 million threats have been detected or prevented on an everyday basis.

The program starts with identifying malware symptoms and payloads and block them from initiating the attack on the targeted device. Malwarebytes is an effective virus removal program that helps users avoiding phishing websites or even visiting malicious pages and domains. It also protects from various cyber attacks and exploitations.

The best feature of this software is the real-time protection, and the latest version Malwarebytes 4.0 have even more improved features. Some bugs have been fixed, and now the program is working without any interruptions.

When you choose to try Malwarebytes, you can try the free version of the program and run it for 14 days on the device without spending any money. This is the best option that allows trying the software without any commitment.

Version 4.0
Required OS Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, XP. Mac, iOS, Android
Trial version Free for 14 days
Price $39.99
Size of the program 79,46 MB

Webroot SecureAnywhere antivirus system scanner

Webroot antivirus programSystem scanner that removes malware.

The fastest system scanner in the market – Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus. This program is known as the smallest security software that requires only 15 MB of space on the system. The program installs itself very quickly and scans the system by taking the smallest amount of disk space.

Webroot tool is called the fastest for a reason. The scan only takes 20 seconds while other tools take approx 60 seconds to scan the system for cyber threats. This means that there is a bigger chance to detect malware in time using the Webroot software in comparison with other anti-malware.

Windows and Mac OS users can have this tool as the malware removal software and ensure identity theft protection by running it on the PC. Also, your browsing online is secured due to this tool.

The program can also remove malware on the already infected system and detect cyber threats, clean the device. You can get the licensed version for a whole year by paying $29.99.

Required system Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. Mac OS X
Full size 15 MB
System scan takes 20 seconds
Price $29,99
Free trial For 14 days

Kaspersky Internet Security offers virus protection for mobile devices and PCs

Kaspersky internet security toolKaspersky offers virus protection to all operating systems with free subscription feature. Kaspersky Internet Security provides identity, money, kids and computer protection features. Three subscription plans can provide different functionalities and security solutions for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows phone users.

It is considered as one of the best malware removal tools, so Kaspersky is included in the list for a reason. High malware detection rate and anti-phishing function, as well as identity and privacy protection, make this software popular and powerful ins cyber threat removal and system protection.

Also, this program ensures safe browsing online and blocks third-party access to your microphone on the device. Various malicious sites can be detected and blocked by this program. Data tracking activities and phishing feature also get identified and stopped by the Kaspersky Internet Security.

The program allows customisation and choosing what sites your children can access. Also, Kaspersky offers a Safe Money feature that protects your information while you use online banking features and shop on the internet.

Operating system Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10. Mac OS X, iOS. Android
Free trial Fro 30 days
Price $49,99 for a year
Size of the program 875 MB
Special functions Reque Disk function that allows removing malware when Windows are not booting

McAfee LiveSafe – ultimate antivirus solution that can be installed on multiple devices McAfee program McAfee protects Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

Cross-platform protection that McAfee offers prevents identity theft and can be installed on an unlimited amount of devices. Windows, Mac, Android and iOS operating systems can run this program since there are versions for each of the OS.

McAfee is added to this best malware removal software list because it has real-time protection feature. The program also provides free support service via phone or online chat. WebAdvisor is another feature of this program that is a two-way firewall. All these functions guarantee safe browsing online and help to avoid phishing sites by warning about the risky page and potentially dangerous downloads in advance.

McAfee developers ensure the successful virus removal when PC gets a virus, if the service is not capable of stopping the cyber threat, a full refund should be provided. This is stated on the official McAfee website:

In the event your PC gets a virus, a McAfee expert will remotely access your computer to remove it or we will offer a full refund.

McAfee also has a LiveSafe Secure Cloud Storage that allows storing up to 1 GB of important information. Security authentication ensures that only your face and voice gives access to the data. Also, malware removal software creates strong and unbreakable passwords to protect your email, social media accounts and online banking accounts from cybercriminals. Password Manager is the feature that helps users to protect their information.

Required OS Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10. Mac OS X,iOS. Android
Trial Ten devices for 30 days
Price $79,99 per year
Size 500MB
Special features Promises refunds when failing to remove a virus from the device

Symantec Norton Security Premium offers PC backup solution

Norton Security PremiumNorton is the program from Symantec that has a PC backup function.

Symantec Norton Securit Premium protects the system with real-time protection feature on Windows, Android and Mac devices. The program can identify, block and remove a wide range of cyber threats that include PUPs, spyware, ransomware and other malware programs.

Various awards show how powerful this program is, as the official site states:

The AV-Test group, renowned as the security industry standard for unbiased third-party protection and performance tests, awarded Norton with the Best Protection award for Norton Security and the Innovation award for Norton Mobile Security.

This program also protects your financial data when you visit the bank online or purchase anything. Family safety is also ensured with features that protect your kids from cybercriminals and malicious or harmful content. However, Mac devices are not offered the Parental control feature.

Norton Security Premium has a vast network and malware database that ensures detection range of malware programs. Malicious programs get detected and deleted from the system as quickly as possible. Norton experts also provide support for 24 hours, so users can contact them regarding any cybersecurity issues.

When you have especially important data, 25 GB of those files can get stored and safely kept on the cloud service that Norton provides. However, you can pay for bigger storage if you need more space to store the data.

Operating systems Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. Mac OS, iOS. Android
Special features 25 GB online storage for important files, password manager
Trial offer 60-day money back guarantee
Price $54,99 for ten devices

BONUS: Reimage for computer remediation and malware cleaning Reimage repair toolReimage Repair program that serves as protecting and cleaning software.

Reimage Repair is the program that deserves mention on this list. The program offers system repair and malware removal functions, it also can eliminate virus damage with a single scan.

This is a tool capable of fixing computer errors and other issues related to hardware or low memory, disk speed. Reimage uses unique technology that involves checking the system for errors and even reinstalling needed components. This tool works in the background of your system and doesn't need to reboot the machine.

Reimage Repair has a huge database of 25,000,000 system files and is continuously updated. This data is used when users get infected with malware and need registry components or other data to change the altered or corrupted ones.

Reimage is associated with Avira Antivir and this is the reason why antivirus technology was added to the program recently. The program now offers security features that involve removing adware, spyware and other malicious cyber threats like trojans, rootkits or worms.

Versions Reimage Repair, reimage for Mac, Reimage Cleaner for Android
Price $43,93 for Windows, $39,41 for Mac
Size 591 KB
Main feature Windows OS repair service
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