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Description of “Your Chrome is severely damaged by 13 Malware!” scam

"Your Chrome is severely damaged by 13 Malware!" is a scam that uses the Google brand to look more trustworthy. Read the post
Adware Viruses   May 25, 2022  

Terminate Win32:BogEnt

Win32:BogEnt – a heuristics detection name used by AVG and Avast security engines. Read the post
Malware Viruses   March 16, 2021  

The best anti-malware for 2021

Take care of your online security and privacy in 2021 with robust anti-malware software. Read the post
News Security   March 01, 2021  

The best anti-ransomware 2021

Find the best ransomware removal tool since crypto-malware remains one of the most dangerous cyber threats in 2021. Read the post
Anti-spyware software News   February 26, 2021  

The best tools for eliminating malware 2021

The list of anti-malware programs that can solve your malware issues the best in the year 2021. Read the post
News Security   February 25, 2021  

Getting rid of WebNavigatorBrowser

WebNavigatorBrowser is browser hijacker that severely impedes browsing performance. Read the post
Browser Hijackers Viruses   October 30, 2020  

Terminate Searchmarquis.com

Searchmarquis.com is a browser hijacker that changes the default search engine to its own. Read the post
Browser Hijackers Mac Viruses Viruses   October 02, 2020  

Remove BBOO ransomware

BBOO ransomware - a dangerous computer infection that may result in complete loss of personal files. Read the post
Ransomware Viruses   May 18, 2020  

Maftask removal tutorial

Maftask is a Mac Auto Fixer helper process that might hinder uninstallation of the potentially unwanted app. Read the post
Mac Viruses System tools Viruses   January 28, 2020  

Obliterate Meds ransomware

Meds ransomware is the threat that infects the system and encrypts important files to hold them hostage until the demanded ransom is paid. Read the post
Ransomware Viruses   September 12, 2019  

Critical Chrome Update pop-ups removal

Critical Chrome Update is the deceptive pop-ups delivering a virus that tricks you into installing the fake update which may lead to data loss. Read the post
Malware Viruses   July 31, 2019  

Driver Tonic PUP removal tutorial

Driver Tonic is considered to be a false system optimizer that does not improve any type of functionality. Read the post
System tools Viruses   June 18, 2019