Stay safe online - 2017-08-18

The harsh reality of deadly malware accidents

Ransomware - the virtual threat that poses a threat to human health Nowadays, the term "malware" is closely associated with the term "social engineering" which is a technique meant to spark certain feelings for the computer user.Read the post
News Security   July 20, 2017  

Tinder app users, is your love interest a human?

If you had bad luck on dating websites, Tinder mobile program might seem like just the right thing you need.Read the post
News Security   March 30, 2017  

Peeking into porno websites: or how you can get infected (3)

Everyone of us has his own weaknesses. However, if you are a keen visitor of eye-catchy pornographic websites, such activity might result in unpleasant consequences.Read the post
News Security   April 08, 2016  
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