Stay safe online - 21st January 2021

The best anti-malware for 2020

2020 - a good year for taking care of your computer safety. Read the post
News Security   September 21, 2020  

The best tools for eliminating malware 2020

The list of anti-malware programs that can solve your malware issues the best in the year 2020   Malware developers get smarter and create even more dangerous programs each year.Read the post
News Security   September 15, 2020  

COVID-19 pandemic challenges: secure online safety and privacy

Coronavirus pandemic makes people stay home and use the internet for work and entertainment - #StayHome with Private Internet Access VPN. Read the post
News Security   April 01, 2020  

The best free anti-malware for 2019

2019 will be dangerous year in cybercrime world - get ready to protect yourself. Read the post
News Security   April 03, 2019  

Top 5 scams to watch out in 2018

Online scams are profitable business. Criminals have numerous ways how to take advantage of you.Read the post
News Security   February 26, 2018  

The harsh reality of deadly malware accidents

Ransomware - the virtual threat that poses a threat to human health. Read the post
News Security   July 20, 2017  

Tinder app users, is your love interest a human?

If you had bad luck on dating websites, Tinder mobile program might seem like just the right thing you need.Read the post
News Security   March 30, 2017  

Peeking into porno websites: or how you can get infected (3)

Adult-only websites are a great source of malware and scam pop-ups. Read the post
News Security   April 08, 2016  
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