How to eliminate browser hijackers
Stay safe online - 19th September 2020

Database of browser hijacker viruses

August 09, 2018 redirect

Why do I suffer from redirects to . If you are not a fan of Yahoo search and always use a different search engine, redirects to is a sign that your computer was infected with a browser hijacker.Read the post
May 15, 2018 – a potentially unwanted program capable of hijacking systems without any approval. Read the post
February 23, 2018

Rocket Tab virus

Annoying features of the Rocket Tab virus. Rocket Tab is yet another browser hijacker which is presented as a useful browser add-on.Read the post
December 06, 2017


ChromeSearch malware is on the rise. ChromeSearch is a browser hijacker which has been noticed in various world’s countries, including Russia, Portugal, Spain and UK.Read the post
December 01, 2017

Yahoo Toolbar and New Tab

The problem with Yahoo Toolbar and New Tab. Yahoo Toolbar and New Tab is yet another product from Yahoo company which has been actively mistaken for a virus.Read the post
November 06, 2017

SearchAssist sparks concerns about its reliability. functions as a browsing engine.Read the post
October 12, 2017

Moatads redirect

Everything you need to know about Moatads virus. Moatads virus is quite similar to other browser hijackers.Read the post
October 10, 2017


Hao123 virus might cause unpleasant changes on your browser. Read the post
October 10, 2017

Opera redirect virus

Opera redirect virus gains new forms. Opera redirect virus is the name of browser malware which tends to misguide users to sponsored but often potentially fraudulent domains.Read the post
September 14, 2017 virus

Reasons not to use search engine. The developers represent as a legitimate and trustworthy search engine, but you should not rely on it.Read the post
September 04, 2017 virus

Everything you need to know about virus. The developers of virus represent it as an indispensable search engine that provides the best results for its users.Read the post
September 01, 2017


What are the main features of MyAllSearch virus? MyAllSearch virus might be the reason why your computer’s performance became poor, and your browser often freezes.Read the post
August 28, 2017

Google redirect

What problems can cause Google redirect virus? Google redirect virus is similar to Yahoo Redirect virus and Bing redirect virus and is classified as a browser hijacker.Read the post
August 22, 2017 virus

The fundamental information you should know about virus: One of the most essential things you should keep in mind when dealing with virus is that it is not a legitimate program and only masquerades as a useful search tool.Read the post
August 15, 2017 virus

What is known about virus, also known as TopYea Search, is a browser hijacker that targets all popular web browsers, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and others.Read the post
August 07, 2017 hijack

Should you trust If you consider switching your search engine to virus, we do not recommend performing this action.Read the post
August 04, 2017 virus

The characteristics of browser hijacker. virus is a browser hijacker that mostly targets Russian-speaking countries.Read the post

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