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The safest web browser of 2024

The safest web browser can protect you just like antivirus software. Read the post
News Web browsers and vulnerabilities   March 12, 2024  

Steps for removing Bozq ransomware

Bozq ransomware locks files and demands bitcoins. Bozq ransomware is a virus that encrypts data and the user can no longer use it. Read the post
Ransomware Viruses   November 04, 2022  

XHAMSTER ransomware removal guide

XHAMSTER ransomware is the infection encoding personal files to get money from victims directly. Read the post
Ransomware Viruses   April 08, 2022  

Description of Bing Redirect

Bing Redirect virus s the PUP that has a few features. Bing Redirect virus is similar to the previously analyzed computer infections – Google Redirect virus and Yahoo Redirect virus. Read the post
Browser Hijackers Viruses   May 05, 2021  

Description of Adobe Flash Player is out of date virus

Adobe Flash Player is out of date is a fake update prompt that may result in malware and adware infection. Read the post
Adware Mac Viruses Viruses   May 18, 2020  

Getting rid of Salsa ransomware

Multinational Salsa ransomware translates ransom message to 40 languages. Read the post
Ransomware Viruses   February 26, 2020  

“Is that you” Facebook virus removal tutorial

"Is that you" Facebook virus is a chain of suspicious messages that urge to watch a fake video of yourself. Read the post
Malware Viruses   January 21, 2020  

Delete Softonic

Softonic is potentially unwanted software which can change the web browser's default search provider and display misleading search query data. Read the post
Browser Hijackers Viruses   April 02, 2019  

How to deal with Nozelesn virus

Nozelesn virus is a cryptovirus that targets various users all over the world and makes their files useless by encrypting them. Read the post
Ransomware Viruses   January 30, 2019  

Reimage virus removal

Reimage Repair. Can I trust this program? Some people have doubts about the reliability of Reimage, but we would like to dispel such negative thoughts. Read the post
System tools Viruses   October 22, 2018  

Should I remove lsass.exe?

lsass.exe is a legit executable that belongs to Microsoft . Read the post
Files System files   October 09, 2018  

My Safe Savings removal

My Safe Savings virus is a potentially unwanted program that frustrates users with constant redirects. Read the post
Adware Viruses   October 02, 2018