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Instagram malware removal tutorial

Versions of Instagram virus. The Instagram virus is another proof that cyber criminals try new methods and places to do illegal activities. Read the post
Malware Viruses   April 26, 2018  

Amazon Membership Rewards removal guide

Amazon Membership Rewards is a fake pop-up which tricks users by offering them a free gift. Read the post
Adware Viruses   March 09, 2018  

Remove E.tre456_worm_osx scam

E.tre456_worm_osx is a fake alert with tries to trick users into installing useless software. Read the post
Adware Viruses   March 07, 2018  

How to uninstall ScorecardResearch.com

Everything you have to know about ScorecardResearch.com. Under the name ScorecardResearch.com virus hides an annoying adware program that delivers an excessive amount of ads and forces users to fill various online surveys. Read the post
Adware Viruses   March 06, 2018  

Best antivirus of 2017 you can download for free

It is no longer surprising that computer security has become the top priority of every operating system developer, software engineer and the ordinary user who aims to keep his/her computer and the containing data secure. Read the post
Anti-spyware software News   March 06, 2018  

Getting rid of Rocket Tab virus

Annoying features of the Rocket Tab virus. Rocket Tab is yet another browser hijacker which is presented as a useful browser add-on. Read the post
Browser hijacker Viruses   February 23, 2018  

How to uninstall Chromesearch.net virus

Chromesearch.net - a highly suspicious search engine that operates as a browser hijacker. Read the post
Browser hijacker Viruses   January 16, 2018  

Deleting Stack Player ads

Why do Stack Player ads pop up on my browser? Stack Player virus is a potentially unwanted program that gets into computer’s system without user’s consent. Read the post
Adware Viruses   January 02, 2018  

Deleting Search.chill-tab.com redirect

Chill Tab browser hijacker causes troubles for the virtual community. Read the post
Browser hijacker Viruses   November 15, 2017  

Elimination of DriverAgent Plus

DriverAgent Plus review. DriverAgent Plus is a trustworthy and legitimate software that is often presented as an irreplaceable system optimization tool which helps to keep the system up-to-date. The program designed for Windows operating systems works by scanning the device, looking for outdated, compromised or damag... Read the post
System tools Viruses   November 03, 2017  

Elimination of Bad Rabbit ransomware

Bad Rabbit ransomware assaults Eastern Europe. Bad Rabbit virus is the name of a complex file-encrypting threat which ceased multiple Russian media, financial institution servers and Ukraine international airport systems on October 24th. Read the post
Ransomware Viruses   October 25, 2017  

Delete Asasin virus

Asasin ransomware overtakes Locky virus’ activity. Asasin virus is believed to be developed by the same hacker group that created Locky ransomware. Read the post
Ransomware Viruses   October 20, 2017  
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