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Description of Nbryb.com

Nbryb.com is the app that uses social-engineering tricks to deceive users into allowing push notifications that lead to tons of ads. Read the post
Adware Viruses   December 04, 2020  

Elimination of Google WebHP virus

WebHP browser hijacker - a potentially unwanted program that impedes users overall browsing performance. Read the post
Browser Hijackers Viruses   November 05, 2020  

Gestyy removal

Gestyy - advertising network that injects intrusive ads on various other sites to create needed views and clicks. Read the post
Adware Viruses   May 29, 2020  

Remove spyware with Intego

Intego anti-malware - leading security solution for your Mac. Read the post
Software   April 24, 2020  

Akamaihd removal guide

Akamaihd is a legitimate content delivery provider, although it is often mistreated by third-parties to deliver ads to macOS and Windows users. Read the post
Adware Viruses   February 11, 2020  

Description of CrescentCore

CrescentCore is a type of malware that typically spreads via fake Flash Player updates and installs PUP on Macs. Read the post
Mac Viruses Malware Viruses   February 04, 2020  

Instagram malware removal tutorial

Versions of Instagram virus. The Instagram virus is another proof that cyber criminals try new methods and places to do illegal activities. Read the post
Malware Viruses   July 15, 2019  

SamSam developers charged for the attack that paralyzed Atlanta

Developers of the notorious SamSam ransomware arrested after three years of cyber attacks. Read the post
News Viruses and parasites   December 06, 2018  

Obliterate Apple wants to make changes scam

Apple wants to make changes scam — a pop-up message that tricks people into revealing their personal information  . Read the post
Adware Viruses   October 16, 2018  

Description of Trovi.com

Trovi — a silent intruder that is known as a PUP capable of changing browsers' settings and redirecting victims to Bing. Read the post
Browser hijacker Viruses   September 24, 2018  

How to uninstall ScorecardResearch.com

Everything you have to know about ScorecardResearch.com. Under the name ScorecardResearch.com virus hides an annoying adware program that delivers an excessive amount of ads and forces users to fill various online surveys. Read the post
Adware Viruses   August 10, 2018  

Elimination of Yahoo Redirect virus

Basic information about Yahoo Redirect virus. Yahoo Redirect virus is not an actual virus. Read the post
Browser hijacker Viruses   August 09, 2018