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Reimage is a name of a reliable computer maintenance program, which combines functions of registry fixer, malware remover and also a PC optimiser. This program is a perfect tool that helps to keep your computer running smoothly and also get the best out of it. With Reimage, you can scan the entire computer system and find errors, missing files, and even computer threats, and then fix all these issues at once, thanks to the advanced technology of this application.

One of the best features this program has is the ability to replace corrupted, damaged, or removed Windows files. It is not a secret that many computer programs can automatically detect and delete PC threats, but almost none of them can repair malware-damaged PC.

Therefore, Reimage surpasses its market competitors, as it can replace damaged files with healthy ones since it has a database that includes more that 25 million Windows files, including DLLs, Registry Keys, and other essential components. What is more, unlike other computer optimisation programs, Reimage can detect and eliminate computer viruses.

This software has a contract with Avira company, and so it has Avira AntiVir solution integrated into it, and that is a great feature considering that Avira software has a high virus detection ratio. All things considered, it seems fair to assume that Reimage is a top pick for those who want to repair their computers and keep them running at peak performance.

Should you rely on this program?

Some computer users tend to refer to this program as Reimage adware or, even worse, Reimage virus. Some websites also spread disinformation and say that it is not a trustworthy, but that is not true at all. It is an entirely safe program, which is designed to fix computers, not to wreak havoc on them. In addition to that, none of the anti-malware or anti-spyware programs identify it as a threat, so there is no reason to believe that Reimage is not a legitimate program.

If you still have doubts, then we recommend you to read this post to learn more about the trustworthiness of Reimage. Some people do not like Reimage ads that can appear on screen after installing the free version of it, but these ads are entirely secure, and they are only meant to advertise the full version of the software.

Beware of scammers who suggest illegal full versions of this program “for free,” and remember that crack files often contain malicious components such as Trojans and worms, which can infect your computer with viruses or collect your personal information. The fact that copyright infringement is an illegal act should not be overlooked, and that by attempting to download an unauthorised copy of software the user can get punished by certain authorities. 

Download Reimage

If you would like to download this software, then click on this link – download Reimage. This version is designed to repair and fix computers that run Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 operating systems. It is a paid program and in order to use all of its features you have to buy its license.

The license is valid for one year on one PC. Users who do not find Reimage useful can get their money back by uninstalling the program and requesting a refund. Remember that you can always get in touch with Reimage support team and ask them to help you fix issues that the program was not able to fix (this will also help them to improve the product).

How Reimage scan works?

Reimage software scans all computer in approximately 5 minutes, and it analyses problems related to computer’s hardware, security, and also stability. First of all, it inspects whether there are any issues with memory space, hard disk speed or computer’s power and temperature. Then it moves on to security section and checks whether the computer is infected with threats.

It can detect and eliminate worms, Trojans, rootkits, adware, browser hijackers, and more severe computer viruses such as ransomware as well. Bear in mind that Reimage does not have real-time protection feature, and that it cannot protect your computer from malicious programs. It can only delete them and repair the damage that they cause. Therefore, it is advisable to use it with a combination of a security software, which has the real-time protection feature.

The last scan stage targets computer’s stability. In the scan report, it provides Windows and application crash history, so you can see what programs are unstable.

Versions of Reimage

This program has several different versions, and each of them is compatible with a different operating system. Excluding the free and paid versions for Windows, the developers of Reimage have also created applications for Mac OS and Android phones. You can find short descriptions of each version below.

Reimage for Mac. This version for iOS is slightly different than the one that is compatible with Windows. It is an advantageous tool that can speed up Mac computer, remove unnecessary applications, clean cache from browsers and third-party applications and free up space on your Mac. Featuring an user-friendly interface, it is a tool that can help you to keep your Mac free of junk that takes memory space and slows down its performance. Unfortunately, this version is not capable of detecting and removing malware, so if you choose to download it, consider installing a malware removal tool alongside it. You can download Reimage for Mac here.

Reimage Express. This is the free version of this software, and it is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 versions. This application can be practical for those who do not know how to solve simple and continual errors and problems in Windows OS. If you are experiencing some issues with your computer, you can try this free version – it will scan your computer system and inform you about fundamental problems if there are any. However, remember that this free version can only identify a limited range of errors, so if you want to enjoy all privileges, you have to obtain a full version of this program.

Reimage Plus. It is not a version of Reimage; it is an official website of this program, where you can download Reimage for Mac, Reimage Cleaner, Reimage PC Repair and also Reimage Express. Some people say that they are constantly redirected to this site or that they receive pop-ups that advertise this site. If you experience such issues, it is likely that your PC is infected with an adware or a dubious browser hijacker, which sends you random web advertisements. Therefore, you need to scan your computer with a malware removal tool and delete all ad-supported programs from it. It will solve this issue and you intrusive pop-up ads will not show up again.

Reimage Android Cleaner. It is a version designed specifically for Android users, and you can download it from Google Play store. As a free application, it provides very useful features: it can boost mobile’s performance and free up memory space. This app effectively cleans hidden junk from Android device, including browsing, clipboard and download history, provides how much storage each app takes and how much space it uses to store cache.

Our answers to frequently asked questions about Reimage:

Question: I have seen Reimage ads all over the Internet. Should I rely on this program? I have discovered that some security-related sites claim that it is an adware. Is it truth or myth?

Answer: It is a myth. It is entirely safe-to-use PC optimisation program, which provides a rich set of features. The marketplace of security solutions nowadays is highly competitive, so it does not surprise us if someone attempts to depreciate rival products. Reimage’s advertising campaign is quite intense, but it is a reliable program, and thousands of computer users rely on it, so there is no reason to believe that it is an untrustworthy product.

Question: I was browsing the Internet and suddenly came across a site that suggested the full version of Reimage for free. It says that it is virus-free and that I don’t have to pay for this product to use it. Is it true?

Answer: You cannot get the full version of Reimage for free unless you are trying to obtain a cracked version of this software. Pirated software is not safe to use, as crack files often contain malware that can silently hijack your computer while the user attempts to install the unauthorised version of software. You should not take the risk of infecting your computer with malware, and, needless to say, you should not break the law by downloading illegal versions of programs.

Question: What are the advantages of Reimage? How does it differ from other PC optimisation programs that are free?

Answer: Reimage is not only a computer optimisation program; it has a rich set of features that hardly any other optimisation program can provide. It does not only optimise the PC, but it also cleans it from junk, detects and removes spyware and malware threats, and repairs the damage.

One of the most outstanding features of Reimage is that it can replace missing or damaged system files with new ones since it has a database that consists of more than 25 million files.

To summarise, it is a program that combines features of a malware removal program and PC optimiser. Also, we want to admonish you and say that there are a lot of rogue PC optimisation programs that you can get for free, sadly, the majority of them can only provide a few basic features.

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