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Our loyal readers have probably noticed some changes on our website. However, if you are new to our site, we have to inform you that we have recently launched three new versions of website. From now on, we are ready to share the newest information about adware programs, browser hijackers and other computer viruses with our Latvian, Estonian and Bulgarian users.

The main reason why we decided to start translating our removal guides is very simple. Unfortunately, but not all people around the world can understand English fluently. That’s why these people may run into serious trouble while looking for information about viruses and their removal. Also, everyone should agree that reading about ransomware or other viruses’ behaviour and analysing their removal instructions is easier in your native language because understanding complicated terms sometimes can be more difficult than removing malware itself.

No matter that the same virus can infect computers from all over the world, some malware trends might vary in different countries. From now on, is ready to inform Latvian speakers about the most threatening viruses in their country. We can assure that after getting infected with Cerber virus or similar ransowmare, you will find instructions explaining how to delete it on the new website as well. Estonians are welcome to visit which provides all necessary information related to popular malware in this region. Those who are not doing well with English will find easily-written instructions explaining how to eliminate Facebook virus or Zepto. Finally, we have some good news for Bulgarians too. They can visit and learn more about viruses, potentially unwanted programs and their protection in this region.

One of the biggest advantages of our new websites is that they provide technical support. If you need help with malware removal, you can contact our specialists who are willing to answer all the questions in your native language thru ‘Ask us’ section. Moreover, we encourage people to use this platform to share their opinions and experiences about particular parasites and viruses. Remember that sharing is caring!

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