What is Problem.437332391.js? Should you get rid of it?

Problem.437332391.js file and everything you need to know about it

Problem.437332391.js is not a file you would want to have on your computer. .js extension refers to a JavaScript file, which is commonly used for carrying out client-side assignments on a web page. However, the creators of malicious programs employ JavaScript to sneak in their malicious creations into the users’ computers. Problem.437332391.js file in particular, belongs to a notorious and one of the most wide-spread ransomware viruses of today, the Locky virus. Locky was not always a JavaScript-based virus. In fact, it only employed this script in its most recent versions. Earlier Locky versions spread through an infected Word document, which requires a Word Macros script to be enabled in order to activate itself. Once it is activated, it starts scanning the computer’s system for a variety of file extensions, including your photos, videos, music files and other documents. The detected files are then encrypted with a complex algorithm, which can only be decrypted with a special decryption key, held by the virus developers.

Locky virus turn to JavaScript is a decision which could have been expected, having in mind that this virus spreads through emails. The executable virus file has to be small and easy to obfuscate, so that it would be difficult for the antivirus systems to detect them. The JavaScript file possesses the mentioned properties. Also, it begins the encryption process instantaneously, and reduces the chances of failing to infiltrate the computers if the Word Macros on the victim’s computer is not enabled. Therefore, you should not hesitate to remove Problem.437332391.js file from your computer, if, of course, you manage to detect it. To help you locate this file, which is usually well-hidden deep in your computer’s system, you should use reputable antivirus tools such asFortectIntego.

How can I stop this file from entering my computer?

Seeing Problem.437332391.js file on your computer is the first warning sign, informing you to pay attention to the security of your system. However, you can stop this file from entering your computer. Be very cautious when opening new emails, especially, if they are received from some unknown origins, feature spelling mistakes or some supposedly relevant information, which you did not expect receiving. Also, make sure your antivirus is running while you browse online. Nevertheless, apart from these precautions, the best technique to protect your personal information from being damaged or stolen is to create backups and keep them safe in an external storage.

Problem.437332391.js removal recommendations:

You can remove Problem.437332391.js file from your computer manually. However, this option is only possible if the file has not been opened yet, i.e. if the virus has not been activated. If Locky virus has already started its encryption processes on your computer, you will have to face a more elongated procedure of removing this virus from your system. Automatic method is highly recommended when dealing with this virus. Nevertheless, some users, who have been infected with Locky virus report that their antivirus failed to run when attempting to remove Locky. For this purpose, we have provided manual Locky virus removal instructions, which you can find by clicking on the given link.

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Different software has a different purpose. If you didn’t succeed in fixing corrupted files with Fortect, try running SpyHunter 5.
Alternative Security Tools
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