How to reset Mozilla Firefox?

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Mozilla Firefox browser definitely falls into the list of the most popular web browsers. However, just like any other program, it has pros and cons.

In most cases, it starts misbehaving when affected by recently-installed add-ons or programs. In such case, Firefox might start displaying too many ads, causing redirects and so on. However, the failure to respond to your requests, sudden crashes, and other issues can occur due to other reasons, too.

Sometimes it takes a lot of time and patience to solve these problems, but, in the majority of cases, it is enough just to reset Firefox. Firefox browser offers Firefox “Refresh” feature which removes all installed Firefox add-ons and customizations, given website permissions, extra search engines and saved download logs, toolbar adjustments, plugin settings, user styles and more. However, information, like passwords, cookies, web auto-fill form data and personal dictionary, is not removed.

Here, we prepared several ways helping reset Mozilla. If you’re looking for such guide, see instructions given below.

Method 1. Reset Mozilla via Troubleshooting Information option.

1. First of all, launch Mozilla Firefox. Then click on the three-bar button located in the top right corner. Finally, click on ? button (see the picture below).

2. In the next list of options, select Troubleshooting Information.

Method 1. Step 2.

3. This will open Troubleshooting Information page, which gives you an opportunity to Give Firefox a tune up. Look at this option, which is provided on the right side of the page, and click on Refresh Firefox… button. Once a pop-up asking you to confirm your choice appears, click Refresh Firefox and wait.

Method 1. Step 3.

4. Firefox will close, and Import Wizard will appear on your screen. Here, click Finish button.

Method 1. Step 4.

Method 2. Refresh Firefox via about:support page.

1. There is another way to open Troubleshooting Information page that we mentioned earlier. Simply open Firefox browser, and type about:support in the address bar. Press Enter.

Method 2. Step 1.

2. You will see a Give Firefox a tune up box on the right side of the about:support page. Click Refresh Firefox…

Method 2. Step 2.

3. Confirm your choice by pressing Refresh Firefox button once again.

Method 2. Step 3.

4. This will close Firefox browser and immediately opens the Import Wizard, which explains what kind of data was imported to the browser after the reset. Click Finish to complete the procedure.

Method 3. Reset the browser via Firefox Safe Mode

1. You will need to open Mozilla Firefox browser in Safe Modedouble click on Firefox shortcut while holding down the Shift key on your keyboard. You can also open Run window by pressing down Windows key + R, then typing in firefox -safe-mode and pressing Enter.

Method 3. Step 1.

2. The browser might ask you to select a user profile you want to use. Hold down the Shift key while selecting the profile. After choosing the profile, click on Start Firefox.

Method 3. Step 2.

3. You will receive a pop-up asking you to choose what you want to do – Start in Safe Mode or Refresh Firefox. Click the second option to reset your Firefox browser.

Method 3. Step 3.

Method 4. Launch User Profile Manager to reset Firefox

1. Press Windows key and R letter on your keyboard. This will open Run window. In the provided field, enter firefox.exe -p (or firefox.exe -P), and click OK to continue.

Method 4. Step 1.

2. Once Firefox User Profile Manager appears on the screen, choose the default one and delete it.

Method 4. Step 2.

3. Finally, click Delete Files.

Method 4. Step 3.

4. Exit Firefox User Profile Manager as shown in the picture. The next time you launch Firefox, you will be asked from which web browser do you want to import Settings and Data. You can import the information by following the Import Wizard’s instructions or refuse to import any data by clicking Cancel.

Method 4. Step 4.

Method 5. Reinstall Mozilla Firefox

If resetting Firefox did not solve the issue you are experiencing, you might want to completely uninstall it from your PC and install it again. Please remember that this is a drastic step and usually it is enough to reset the browser to fix the most common problems that occur when using Firefox. If you believe that you absolutely need to reinstall Firefox browser, follow these instructions:

1. Close Firefox and make sure none of its processes are running. For that, launch Windows Task Manager (press down Control + Alt + Delete keys at the same time), then open Processes tab and end all active Mozilla Firefox processes. Close the WTM.

Method 5. Step 1.

2. Right-click the Start menu and select Programs and Features. (Windows 7/Vista users should simply click on Start menu > Control Panel > Programs and Features, and Windows XP users should go to Add/Remove Programs panel).

Method 5. Step 2.

3. Here, find Mozilla Firefox, right-click on it and choose Uninstall.

Method 5. Step 3.

If the Uninstall Wizard won’t appear, go to one of these folders and find the helper.exe file. Double click it to launch it. When User Account Control window appears, click Yes:

  • C:\\Program Files\\Mozilla Firefox\\uninstall\\
  • C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Mozilla Firefox\\uninstall\\

Method 5. Step 3 part 2.

4. Now, you should see Mozilla Firefox Uninstall wizard on your screen. Click Next, then Uninstall and complete the procedure by clicking Finish.

Method 5. Step 4.

5. Delete Mozilla Firefox folders from these locations:

  • C:\\Program Files\\Mozilla Firefox
  • C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Mozilla Firefox

Method 5. Step 5.

6. To delete the remaining user data, push down Windows Key + R and type the following command: %APPDATA%\\Mozilla\\. Click OK to continue.

Method 5. Step 6.

7. This will open Mozilla Folder. What you need to do is to right-click on Firefox folder and select Delete.

Method 5. Step 7.

8. Finally, go to the official Mozilla Firefox website to download the real version of the browser. Do not download it from shady websites – such copies can contain suspicious attachments. Use another browser to download the Mozilla Firefox browser and install it according to directions provided by Mozilla Firefox Setup.

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