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If you are interested in the latest IT security events, want to know how viruses behave or how can you remove them, you are in the right place. is a news digest on the latest information of cyber security industry. The content published on this website is written by professionals who are ready to help users improve their knowledge and avoid cybercrime.

Keeping up with the latest malware trends has never been as important as it is now: the number of security breaches, as well as the cost of each cyber attack, has increased rapidly. According to the latest reports, today company's loss has increased by 23 percent or, on average, 8,7 million pounds.

Methods used to hack different entities have also changed: nowadays, criminals are working hard to find system vulnerabilities in the network. Besides, they use professionally-designed ads and email messages capable of infecting system right after the user downloads the attachment.

However, the latest trends also involve tracking company’s employees until they reveal sensitive information on social networks. It can be the name of their first teacher, the number of children or their dog’s name. Taking into account that such information is widely used to answer security questions, there is no doubt that posting it on the Internet poses a danger to the user or the company. 

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Website owner? Let your visitors know about computer viruses by adding Virus Activity Plugin 

Safety online is a matter of everyone's concern

Several years ago, team presented a multi-language plugin called Virus Activity. After being added to the website, it provides names of the latest computer threats that are said to be on the rise. Besides, the list includes the most dangerous threat of the day and the overall threat danger level.

Virus Activity WordPress plugin

The 'Virus Activity' widget can be added to website's footer or the sidebar. It is highly flexible – it can adapt itself to your website’s design automatically or let you customize its design to your preference. Website's owner can change the length of the list, the language, and similar features. Add the value to your website and join the fight against virus creators!