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Contribute to is the source of latest news on IT, malware development, and cybersecurity. Besides the news articles, it presents malware removal guidelines and software reviews. The website aims to educate the virtual community about recent virtual threats and presents advice on their prevention.

Since malware keeps evolving at the astonishing speed, keeping up with the trend is crucial. Thus, to balance expanding forces of cybercriminals, the unity of virtual community is of significant importance. Therefore, your participation to inform the community about the latest data breach or potentially malicious program might possess undeniable significance. Become a contributor!

Before that, it is necessary to take several aspects into consideration. Note that this site does not publish social-news-site-type of articles. Before publishing, your article will be processed by our specialists. They also reserve the right to edit, format and supplement the submitted text or visual information.

Key requirements

In order for your article to advance past the verification process, follow these instructions.

1. Pick a topic

Before pouring your insights on a specific topic, check whether there is no identical or highly similar article already submitted. You can do so by entering the keywords in the search box in the top-right corner of the site.

Bear in mind that we do not support plagiarism and the articles copied from other sources are not tolerated. Therefore, make sure your article refers to reliable information sources. References should contain the following information:

  • Author, the title of the source, source hyperlink, and a short description of the source website

Note. Only original content will be published. The plagiarised article will be rejected.

2. Compose the text

The minimum word number required for an article is at least 500. After writing an article, make sure that the text is cohesive, does not contain grammar, syntactic, and semantic mistakes. The formal style of the text is preferred over the casual one. It is possible that a typo might slip your attention here and there. In order to evade such occurrences, it is advisable to use digital spell-checkers. Certain tools can not only correct typoes but slightly improve the readability of the composition.

3. Polish the structure

The text should be structured the following way:

• Introduction;
• Body;
• Conclusions;

Divide your text into smaller paragraphs comprised of 3-6 sentences. Each sentence should take one line or one line and a half. Avoid filling the information in a two or three-line long sentence. Make sure each new thought starts with a new paragraph. A cohesive article will be published sooner.

4. Enhance the article with images

Informative and topic-related visual information will certainly make your article more persuasive. Images should be original as well. The copyright law-violating images are not accepted. They should be scaled to the aspect ratio of 16:9. In case you prefer expressing your ideas in a visual way, infographics are welcomed.

Concluding remarks on submitting an article 

Articles complying with the above-discussed requirements should be sent to Usually, the verification process takes up to 10 business days. If the article meets all requirements and is eligible for publishing at, you will receive a confirmation email. In case, we do not contact you within the indicated period of time, you can choose other online journals.

Note. We execute strict follow/nofollow link policy. In order for us to include follow links to your sources, you should become an active contributor and write 2 articles per month. As a result of inactivity within a month, the following links will be changed to nofollow. Should we find plagiarised content, the links will be altered as well.

On the final note, in order to blend with team, we expect you to create your profile account, add your photo and shortly introduce yourself. Since advocates cybersecurity, transparency is a virtue.