A decryption solution for the ApocalypseVM ransomware discovered

The victims of ransomware viruses rarely get their files back. Thousands of people have lost and are still losing their important data to viruses such as Locky or CryptoWall simply because these ransomware infections are too difficult to crack. These cyber threats employ sophisticated encryption algorithms to lock the data on the victims’ computers, so there is virtually no way of decrypting such files without a special key. Fortunately, virus analysts often find vulnerabilities in the ransomware scripts and manage to come up with effective decryption tools. One of such tools was recently released for the ApocalypseVM ransomware.

Good news for the ransomware victims: ApocalypseVM decrypter has been released

If you follow the cyber security news daily, you may have already heard about the Apocalypse virus. This infection has gone through several stages of development. When first released, it did not differ from the majority of other similar infections; therefore was quickly deciphered. Nonetheless, such immediate failure did not stop its developers from releasing another, improved version of this virus called the ApocalypseVM. In hopes to create a better and stronger variant of the program, the hackers have integrated the VMProtect software protection feature which meant to make the virus more difficult to detect and remove from the system. However, such improvements were not enough to stop the computer experts from using reverse-engineering techniques and decrypt the program. Currently, you can freely download the ApocalypseVM decrypter from the official Emsisoft website online.

We must remind you to clean up your computer after you decrypt your files. Ransomware infections are quick to bounce back into the system and start encrypting the containing files once again if any of their malicious files are left to roam the system after a negligent virus removal. Therefore, we recommend using trustworthy and acknowledged anti-malware utilities, such as Reimage for thorough full-scale system scan.

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