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DoubleLocker virus. How to delete? (Removal tutorial)

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DoubleLocker is the ransomware for Android: it changes the PIN code and asks for a ransom

DoubleLocker ransomware virus

DoubleLocker virus is a ransomware that targets Android device users. Users should be extremely careful when installing Adobe Flash player updates because this Android virus tends to pose as one. The modus operandi of malware consists of two stages: firstly it tries to steal victim’s PayPal as well as bank account login details and later encode all files using cryptography algorithms. During the encryption, the ransomware appends a .cryeye extension to target files.

The deceptive program locks the mobile device and demands to pay the ransom. It clearly functions as a mobile extortion tool that takes victim's device and data stored on it hostage in exchange for a certain sum of money. It is evident that malware has features of the banking trojan and file-encrypting virus, not to mention that it might get complicated to remove DoubleLocker.

Cyber researchers state that it is the first example of Android ransomware that misuses accessibility services on Android OS. As we previously said, the virus spreads in the form of a fake update, which, once launched, requests user's permission to activate an accessibility service under the name 'Google Play Service.'

Such trick easily forces inexperienced computer users to give the malware an approval to launch the malicious payload. Therefore, if you unknowingly allowed this intruder to infect your mobile device, remove DoubleLocker virus using Plumbytes Anti-MalwareMalwarebytes Malwarebytes or another mobile-friendly security software. Below, you can see a brief summary of virus' modus operandi:

  • The activity of the ransomware is performed stealthily; thus users who installed fake Adobe Flash update are not aware of it.
  • However, each time the victim clicks the home button, crypto-malware gets activated, and the device gets locked again.
  • The victims lose access to their mobile phones and valuable data because DoubleLocker virus changes the PIN.
  • Additionally, the malicious virus isn't designed to save the new randomly generated PIN or send it fraudsters; therefore it is impossible to find out what it is. The only ones who can access the device and reset the code are the authors of this malicious Android ransomware.
  • The virus encrypts valuable data, photos, and information using the same technique used to encrypt military-grade secrets and demands to pay the ransom within 24 hours. Interestingly, just like regular PC ransomware, Double Locker appends .cryeye file extension to corrupted records.

Clearly, authors of the malicious virus want to receive the money transfer as soon as possible, so they promise to trash victim's data after a day in case the victim decides not to pay the ransom. However, trusting fraudsters would be a bad idea.

Therefore, we recommend you to take actions regarding DoubleLocker removal. In case you were using an online data storage service, you can try to recover your files from it. However, we must remind you that any steps regarding data recovery should be taken only after deleting the ransomware from your device.

You can avoid the attack by installing updates only from verified developers

We want to emphasize that Android ransomware spreads as a fake Adobe Flash update on the suspicious websites. Therefore, our IT specialists encourage users to only use Google Play Store for new app installations or upgrades. However, the suggested App Store is known to provide malicious applications from time to time, so we strongly recommend you to read app reviews before installing them. In addition, adding a proper security software to your device is just a must, too.

Finally, to protect your mobile against malware, security experts suggest following safe browsing rules and avoiding shady-looking content online (such as aggressive ads or low-reputation websites)/ Even an accidental click on a corrupted link can trigger the installation of various types of adware, spyware, etc. Thus, do not open suspicious attachments in your email or other social networking platforms and never download unauthorized system tools promoted in pop-ups.

Guidelines to remove DoubleLocker malware from Android

It might be hard to perform DoubleLocker removal if your Android device is non-rooted. In this case, firstly you have to reset the phone to the factory state in order to unlock it. Afterwards, it is possible to get rid of the ransomware using a reliable security software, such as Plumbytes Anti-MalwareMalwarebytes Malwarebytes.

If your mobile has enabled debugging model and is under attack, you can use Android Debug Bridge (ADB) tool. This way you do not have to reset the phone to factory state to unlock it and remove DoubleLocker virus. Shortly after your PIN is reset, you can uninstall the malware using any kind of anti-malware software compatible with the Android operating system.

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